Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The '3rd Mobile OS' Keeps Popping Up Again

The WSJ posted an article about the battle to become the 3rd Mobile Operating System. The article talks about the contenders, ranging from BB10 and Windows to new entrants such as Firefox and Ubuntu (both based on HTML 5).  A couple of months ago I blogged about the 3rd Mobile OS.  In my view Ubuntu has a good chance to make it to numero tres, and maybe even challenge the top dogs who, together, own close to 90% of the smartphone OS market.

Needless to say, the 3rd placeholder is vying for the emerging market.  Currently, close to 2 Billion people are yet to come online

Source: Enders Analysis via ben-evans.com

A vast majority of potential onliners will connect to the internet via inexpensive smartphones as opposed to laptops or desktops, which have anyways been disrupted by Mobile. However, the race to capture the emerging market is an even more competitive one than the one to be crowned 3rd place. At the moment, the Mobile OS that has captured the number one spot (in terms of overall market share) AND the emerging market, is Android. iOS, on the other hand, is not (yet) an emerging market player due to its marriage with the iPhone hardware, which makes it a high-end smartphone. With a cheaper iPhone, the emerging market place is going to intensely heat up!

It's a long race and the player positions keep changing with new players entering the arena from different directions. May the best horse win.

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