Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Android Vs. iOS Engagement Conundrum...Part Deux

I wrote about the Android Vs. iOS engagement conundrum back in December  2KTwelve. So related to my post, here is something I stumbled upon today. A few months down, how is the Android install base faring against iOS install base in terms of web traffic and engagement. Well according to pingdom, Android has surpassed iOS in terms of web traffic generation. Here is the chart from pingdom. You can read the entire article which has lots of interesting and colorful charts showing the market share battle between the two horses.

                                 smartphone web traffic by os

Here's a quote from my earlier post on the subject.

"In Conclusion...
My gut feeling is that Android will come close to iOS on engagement but we need to give Big-G some time.  Will it surpass iOS on engagement?  I don't know; I feel doubtful. The reason is that the iPhone and iPad are premium products and typically bought by more affluent customers. While Android is the mobile OS that powers high-end smartphones, it also powers very low-end smartphones. This waters-down the premium effect for Android customer-base."

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