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Mary Meeker "Internet Trends" Presentation @ Stanford - KPCB Dec 2012

Disclaimer: All slides are from Mary Meeker's 'Internet Trends @ Stanford - Bases Kickoff 12/3/2012' presentation which is the property of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, a VC firm. All comments, opinions and forward-looking statements in RED are my own and original commentary.

US by far the most penetrated market in terms of Internet Users.

Japan and S. Korea lead the way in terms of Smartphone penetration (as a % of total subscribers). This is, however, thanks to their respective low population base. Will be interesting to see how China and India play out with their large markets but low incomes. Which Smartphone platform will become the incumbent in these countries?

Great stats for Android. Will be very interesting to see how Android starts putting the $$$s in Google's war chest, especially since Google doesn't charge for the Android license. Google uses a very different revenue model for its Smartphone platform than what Apple uses. The ad ecosystem, which Google pioneered on the Desktop Internet, is at a very nascent stage on the Mobile Internet. CPMs and CTRs are low on Mobile Vs Desktop. But then again, its great to be the dominant Mobile Platform and then workout the monetization issue.

Speaks for itself...impressive indeed!

...And future growth prospects look great too.

The dynamics are so different in each country. In the US, Mobile traffic is 13% of total Internet traffic, while Smartphone penetration is close to 50%. In India, Smartphone penetration (as a % of total mobile subscriptions) is only 4%, yet they manage to overtake Desktop Internet traffic with Mobile Internet Traffic. Can you imagine what will happen if you give every Indian a Smartphone??!! Mobile Internet traffic will skyrocket, just like how total mobile subscriptions overtook landlines. Apple, are you guys seeing this??? Don't get hung-up on your high quality, high margin products. This is a platform race. Get into India and China. Don't let history repeat itself from the 90's when Microsoft won the platform race against your high quality, high margin Macs.

This 'App Ecosystem' has made individual college geeks rich while they sit in their parents' or grandparents' house!

Even though, Android is around 65% market share of the Smartphone market in the US, the iPhone is way ahead in terms of shopping traffic. Very interesting phenomenon about the demographics of iPhone and Android users.

Another interesting gap. But all these gaps translate into opportunities...if you play your cards right!

Thats in 6 months folks! We are in the middle of a major disruption. Mobile devices are replacing PCs at home. When will they replace the PC at work? That is going to be a tougher challenge.

And its from this Big Data that algorithms will run better and more accurate. Big Data will also fuel Voice Recognition and AI.

I like this 'Asset-Light' lifestyle - its synonymous with 'minimalism.'

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